Are You Allergic to Gold or Nickel?

You may have heard about people who are allergic to gold jewellery and can’t wear it. Or maybe you have such an allergy yourself? Let’s see what the reason of this type of allergy is and what can be gone in this case.

What is Gold Allergy?

Although gold allergy is quite rare, there are some people who experience allergic reactions when wearing gold jewellery.

But what exactly is gold allergy and what are the symptoms?

Are You Allergic to Gold or Nickel? | Bella Diamonds

Usually, the symptoms of gold allergy are the following: the skin in contact with the gold jewellery becomes red and itchy.

In fact, it’s not gold that you are allergic to but nickel that contains in gold alloy of your jewellery piece. Since gold is a very soft metal, it’s often mixed with nickel and other metals to make it suitable for jewellery manufacturing. The lower the purity of gold, meaning the lower karat of gold your jewellery is made from, the more non-gold metals it contains, including nickel. That’s why low-karat jewellery is more likely to cause allergic reactions if you have sensitive skin type.

It worth mentioning, that there is no set rule to tell whether a certain piece of jewellery will give an allergic reaction even if it’s made of low-karat gold. Different jewellery pieces are made of different allows with different concentration of nickel. So it’s possible to have two 9k rings and one of them will cause allergic reaction on your skin as it contains more nickel than the other one.

What to Do If You are Allergic to Nickel?

The most obvious answer is to buy gold jewellery that is of a higher karat grade. Most people with such allergy cannot wear 9k gold, that’s why you can choose 14k or 18k gold.

Are You Allergic to Gold or Nickel? | Bella Diamonds

Another important tip is to avoid gold-plated jewellery. This type of jewellery pieces are covered with a gold layer which eventually will wear out with time and expose the base layer, which as you may have already guessed contains nickel.

White gold is another material that is recommended to avoid if you are allergic to nickel. The reason is that white gold is made of yellow gold with mix of other metals, including nickel. Although white gold is plated with rhodium to make it look whiter, it will wear down with time and the nickel beneath will come into contact with your sensitive skin some day. If you are a big fan of white gold but have allergy, just make sure it is nickel free.

Wear platinum, as it’s a metal that doesn’t cause allergies, but to be on the safe side make sure that the particular piece of jewellery does not contain any nickel, as sometimes platinum may be mixed with it.

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