11th to 15th Wedding Anniversary Gemstones

Each wedding anniversary has a different meaning and special gemstone associated with it. If you want to know the 11th to 15th wedding anniversary gemstones for your next anniversary then you have come to the right place.

11th Wedding Anniversary Gemstone: Turquoise

11th wedding anniversary gemstone turquoise

Turquoise is one of the oldest gemstones in human history. Being the talisman of power, success and protection, it’s considered the gemstone of the 11th wedding anniversary. Turquoise can range in colour from green to blue with various shades like greenish-blue or deeper blue. This gemstone looks great in sterling silver or white gold and platinum. Turquoise looks especially modern when paired with minimalist outfits and leather. A beautiful turquoise bracelet or necklace may be a perfect gift for her; and a pair of cufflinks is the right choice for him.

12th Wedding Anniversary Gemstone: Jade

12th wedding anniversary gemstone jade

The only pure forms of jade are jadeite and nephrite. The name “jade” originates from Spanish “piedra de ijada”, which means “stone for the pain in the side”. It was named in this way after Spanish explorers, who were holding the pieces of jade to their sides, believing it could cure ills. The signature colour of jade is green, although it can be found in many other colours. In jewellery, jade is usually cut into beads for necklaces, bracelets and earrings. It looks especially beautiful when cut into cabochon shape for rings and pendants.

13th Wedding Anniversary Gemstone: Citrine

13th wedding anniversary gemstone citrine

Citrine is one of the most popular gemstones available today, though natural citrines are quite rare. The name “citrine” originates from French word “citron” meaning “lemon”. It’s a beautiful yellow gemstone with different shades from light yellow to golden orange which may be perfectly paired with any metal colour. Since citrine is believed to bring prosperity and is known as “success stone”, a nice pair of citrine earrings or a pendant accentuated with diamonds may be a beautiful gift for your loved one on your meaningful day.

14th Wedding Anniversary Gemstone: Opal

14th wedding anniversary gemstone opal

Opals come in variety of colours but commonly they are found in creamy-white with rainbow play of colour within the stone. The name of the gemstone is derived from Sanskrit meaning “stone”. It’s believed to have healing power, to be able to solve depression and to help its wearer find true love. Opals look perfect set in sterling silver, white gold or platinum. A pair of opal earrings, a pendant or a ring makes a right choice for an anniversary gift.

15th  Wedding Anniversary Gemstone: Ruby

15th wedding anniversary gemstone

Ruby is one of the highest valued coloured gemstone in the market today. In fact, large rubies can fetch higher prices than diamonds of the same size. The name “ruby” comes from Latin word “ruber”, meaning red. Rubies come in various shades of red, but the most desirable colour is rich deep red with a hint of blue that is known as “pigeon’s blood”. Symbolizing love and passion, these gemstones work extremely well in rings, necklaces and earrings for your loved one.

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