6th to 10th Wedding Anniversary Gemstones

Each wedding anniversary has a different meaning and special gemstone associated with it. If you want to know 6th to 10th wedding anniversary gemstones and their meaning for your next celebration then you have come to the right place.

6th Wedding Anniversary Gemstone: Amethyst

6th wedding anniversary gemstone

This beautiful gemstone is usually associated with purple colour, though there are many shades available looking a bit more red or blue. Another gorgeous variety of amethyst is green one. This gemstone may be used in all styles of jewellery and will be the special gift for your sixth wedding anniversary both for him and her.

7th Wedding Anniversary Gemstone: Onyx

7th wedding anniversary gemstone

This hard and durable gemstone is used for carving and is popular for men’s jewellery. A cocktail ring with onyx and diamond accents may be a great seventh anniversary gift for her. Another great option makes a pair of stylish onyx stud earrings. For him you could opt for onyx cufflinks or a bold onyx ring.

8th Wedding Anniversary Gemstone: Tourmaline

8 wedding anniversary gemstone

Whatever your favourite colour, you will find it in tourmaline. These gemstones come in variety of shades and even in mixed colours. Watermelon tourmaline has one of the rarest colour combinations found in gemstones. It’s the mix of green and red just like the outside and inside of a watermelon. Gemmologists call these stones parti-coloured gems.  Your eighth wedding anniversary is a wonderful chance to add some unique jewellery pieces to your collection.

9th Wedding Anniversary Gemstone: Lapis Lazuli

8 wedding anniversary gemstone

Lapis lazuli, also known as just lapis or lazurite, is a beautiful gemstone with intense blue colour. It may come in many different shades from slightly greenish to violetish, medium to dark. This gemstone was used in jewellery since prehistoric times and in the Middle Ages it gained additional popularity as a pigment to produce ultramarine colour for paintings.

Despite its affordable price, lazurite can be found in many high-end jewellery lines. Today lapis is one of the most popular stones for men’s jewellery and can be often found in shirt studs, tie tacks and large cabochon rings. For ladies’ jewellery it is often used in brooches and pins.

10th Wedding Anniversary Gemstone: Diamond

10 wedding anniversary gemstone

Now when you reached your ten-year milestone, it’s time to gift diamond jewellery. This is a perfect opportunity to gift her a diamond anniversary ring, featuring five, seven or nine stones. For him consider his own diamond ring. Another great way to immortalize this wonderful day is to make meaningful inscriptions on your anniversary rings.

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