Eternity Rings: Everything You Need To Know About

Eternity rings, also known as infinity rings, given to a loved one are the embodiment of an enormous statement of affection, devotion and never-ending love.

Egyptian Eternity RingEternity rings date back thousands of years to the Egyptian times and simbolized eternal love. The Egyptians believed that the marriage bond between two loving hearts was so strong that even death couldn’t interrupt it.

In ancient times, an eternity ring was a circular metal, with stones placed along the top or bottom. Some of the earliest examples of eternity rings imitated a snake consuming its own tail.

Nowadays eternity rings comprise a band of precious metal set with a continuous line of gemstones cut identically (full eternity). Since eternity rings are made with stones all the way round, some women find them “difficult” to wear. Those who prefer something “easier” can choose eternity rings with stones only across the face of the ring (half eternity).

Engagement Ring paired with Wedding BandLike an engagement ring, an eternity ring is traditionally designed with diamonds. An eternity ring is often used as a wedding band, which you can perfectly pair with your engagement ring.

Traditionally an eternity ring is presented on “Tin” wedding anniversary (10 years). Though today, an eternity ring usually commemorates an important occasion in a couple’s relationship.

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