How to Bring Your Old Jewelry to Life

How to Bring Your Old Jewelry to Life

Have you ever owned a ring that is a gift or an heirloom that is not as fashionable as it was before? A jewelry item that you would love to wear but, sadly, is not your style? Fashion, just like everything else in this fast pace world changes rapidly. Well, it’s your lucky day because there are ways to utilize or adjust your old jewelry to fit the trend of today. Additionally, you can do it all by yourself and don’t need any outside help. Here are some options that will help you repurpose the jewelry you have but never use.

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Make it Shine

If you have jewelry that you don’t wear, you could add some features to it to represent your style. Certain combinations of precious stones have deeper meanings behind them. For example, you could add an arrangement of 3 stones next to each other which may represent your past, present and future. This way, you don’t only wear your repurposed jewelry because of its look, but also because of its meaning.



Add Some Color


Nowadays, stones other than diamonds are starting to establish themselves in the market for jewelry. Additionally, these stones have certain meanings behind them. For example, Amethyst wearers are thought to be kept clear headed and quick-witted. On top of being gorgeous, these stones have a story to tell.



Repurpose Rings into PendantsRepurpose Rings into Pendants


Following the precious stones, custom made pieces of jewelry are going to be in style for a long time. Integrating different pieces from rings or other jewelry, you can create a completely new piece of jewelry that you will wear, knowing all the different stories behind its creation.



Have it Professionally Cleaned


There is nothing worse than seeing your favorite piece of jewelry fade away. If the reason behind you not wanting to wear a specific ring is that it doesn’t look as good as it used to, most jewelry stores offer a cleaning service that will bring a fresh, new look to your old rings or necklaces.



Have it Gold Plated


Most of you probably have a necklace that is different from all the others in your jewelry box. This might be because you prefer a specific color or style. If you have a soft spot for gold, you can have it gold plated to fit the rest of your jewelry so you can match it with them. It’s not as expensive as you might think and it prolongs the life of it.



Turn Your Bracelet Into a ChokerTurn Your Bracelet Into a Choker


Do you have a bracelet that you think would look better as a necklace? Since chokers are supposed to have a short length, you don’t have to put too much effort into turning a bracelet into a choker. This might be for people who have specific styles, but it doesn’t hurt to try as you might just hit the jackpot and discover a new style for yourself.



A Piece For Your Keychain


If you have a vintage pin or brooch you wish to repurpose because it doesn’t fit your style, but you find it beautiful, you can turn it into a statement piece you will hang on your keychain. This way, you will have something with you that has a story to tell everywhere you go. Just take it to a jeweler or if you wish to do it yourself, drill a tiny hole in a convenient place and you’re good to go.



Turn It Into a Magnet For Your Fridge


Following the piece for your keychain, you can turn that pin or brooch into a magnet you will put on your fridge. It’s easy to make. You just need a tiny magnet and hot glue. Attach the magnet to the pin or brooch and put it on your fridge: admire it as a fashionable decoration for your kitchen.


There are many ways to upcycle old jewelry that you no longer use. Since it would be a shame for your valuable pieces to go to waste and spend its time just sitting in your jewelry box, repurposing is a great way to utilize that value, especially, when you can DIY them. By just looking at these items, that you remade yourself, you’ll get filled with pride.


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