18 Best Places To Propose In London

Are you thinking of popping the big question to your loved one? As a deeply romantic city and one of the majestic places in the world, London is the very place to start. Plan a bit of romance and make the day of that special someone full of unforgettable moments.

When making a proposal in London, just don’t forget to choose one of the luxurious diamond engagement rings. Turn this striking occasion into a great story to remember for a lifetime. Here are some iconic places in London for making an exciting proposal:

1. Hampstead Heath Park

Places To Propose In LondonHampstead Heath, an ancient London park, is surrounded by green grass and offers a marvellous view of the Central London skyline. Turn your proposal into a memorable occasion by visiting this idyllic park. Enjoy the serene and romance hidden in the park to get secluded from the world at least for a time.

2. Hyde Park

Places To Propose In LondonOne of the largest parks in London and one of its Royal Parks, Hyde Park is an iconic place filled with astonishing flowers and greenery to visit for a striking proposal. Enjoy beautiful sights and fill your day with endless romance. Choose the Italian Gardens surrounded by wonderful fountains and trees to pop the question. Hire a rowboat on the Serpentine to make an unforgettable proposal right on the water.

3.  Kensington Palace Gardens

Places To Propose In LondonTake your loved one to Kensington Palace Gardens to walk down this beautiful street. Located in west central London, the street is known as the most exclusive address in London as you can find some of the world’s most expensive properties here. Enjoy tranquillity in this secluded oasis. Admire the lover’s arch as you walk down the amazing pathway to escape from the rest of the world with your loved one.

4.  Kyoto Japanese Garden

Places To Propose In LondonAs a sanctuary of peace and serenity, this amazing garden in Holland Park boasts a romantic waterfall to complete the overall beauty of the garden. For a Spring proposal, take your loved one to stunning Kyoto Gardens and pop the question under the glow of the colourful leaves and shrubs.

5. The London Eye

Places To Propose In LondonAdmire the splendid view of London from above while preparing yourself to pop the question. Hire out a private Capsule on the London Eye to make a proposal in style. Enjoy a bottle of champagne and truffles. Take a ride on the London Eye at night to marvel at the city in lights.

6.  Love Lane

Places To Propose In LondonA visit to Love Lane in the City of London will be an exciting trip for that special someone. The name of the street is taken from the activities occurring here in the Middle Ages when this part of the city was a red light area. Enjoy your time in a nice little garden where you can see the bust of Shakespeare, built in memory of two fellow actors, his friends.

7. Piccadilly Circus

Places To Propose In LondonFor a romantic proposal, Piccadilly Circus with the famous statue of Eros is a great place to choose. This is one of the symbols of London and is also known as the Shaftesbury Monument. The statue was built as a memorial to Lord Shaftesbury, a Victorian philanthropist and politician.

8.  Primrose Hill

Places To Propose In LondonWith a character of its own, Primrose Hill is often considered the best view over the city. This is an ideal place for a proposal if you like picnics in summer. Choose the Primrose Hill for a Valentine’s Day proposal as well. Visit one of the cafes on the fascinating high street or walk down to London Zoo, enjoying the clear rounded skyline.

9. Queen Mary’s Gardens in Regents Park

Places To Propose In LondonNamed after the wife of King George V, Queen Mary’s Garden is famous all over the world. A visit to this delightful garden is a trip impossible to resist. Surrounded by London’s largest collection of roses (more than 1200), begonias and shrubberies, you’ll spend ethereal moments with your loved one.

10. The Sea Life London Aquarium

Places To Propose In LondonIf you love marine life, visit the London Aquarium for an extraordinary proposal. Enjoy a unique experience while being in this amazing place, which is home to one of Europe’s largest collections of global marine life. Enjoy a champagne and prepare a message of your own choice for that special someone. She will read your message while divers are holding it up underwater in the Ocean Display.

11. The River Thames

Places To Propose In LondonDazzle your loved one with a special cruise along the River Thames. Take a James-Bond style speedboat ride and then enjoy a helicopter ride over London. Surprise her with your exciting proposal while admiring the stunning views over the city.

12. Royal Observatory Greenwich

Places To Propose In LondonVisit the Royal Observatory Greenwich, London’s only planetarium, and make a proposal while standing on the historic Prime Meridian of the World, the home of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT). Find your place under the sky.

13. The Shard

Places To Propose In LondonThe Shard is the tallest building in the United Kingdom and is known as the Eiffel Tower of London. It is standing 309.6 metres (1.016 ft) high. With the city in the background, this is a perfect place for those who are looking for a luxurious place to pop the question. Enjoy breathtaking views and an amazing atmosphere. Book visitor tickets or choose a private proposal service.

14. The Sky Garden

Places To Propose In LondonFor a luxurious proposal, choose the magnificent Sky Garden, a stunning indoor garden. Enjoy a helicopter tour of London, limo to the Sky Garden, and dinner at one of the restaurants. Amaze your loved one with a perfect romantic setting.

15. St Paul’s Cathedral and the Whispering Gallery

Places To Propose In LondonChoose a majestic place like St Paul’s Cathedral and the Whispering Gallery to impress that special someone. You can whisper and be heard clearly while making a proposal thanks to the unique acoustics of the gallery, which will carry your words in waves.

16. Tower Bridge

Places To Propose In LondonTo make a unique proposal, go to Tower Bridge, the world’s most famous bridge that connects North and South London. Get fascinated with breathtaking views from the glass floor and the Victorian engine rooms below. Make your loved one’s heart beat faster while crossing the high-level walkways. Feel the spirit of history.

17. Trafalgar Square

Places To Propose In LondonSurprise your loved one with majestic Trafalgar Square. Choose this iconic place for that special day. Be sure she will be left speechless by your proposal made here. Why not to show your love by gifting a diamond engagement ring and through a message with the words “Will You Marry Me” right in front of the National Gallery?

18. Westminster Bridge

Places To Propose In LondonTake a nice walk on the iconic Westminster Bridge with that special someone to make a proposal right in front of Big Ben and the Palace of Westminster. Spend exciting moments to envelop your heart with unforgettable sensations.

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